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Watch This: Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter

I just hate reading. I will take an episode of The New Girl over Dostoevsky every time.

I’d meticulously unsubscribed myself from every newspaper, magazine, and e-thing, just so I could give Alec Baldwin‘s Twitter feed my undivided attention, because if I have to read, I’d prefer it in 140-character snippets. But three days ago, Alec Baldwin deactivated his Twitter account. Oh, no! Oh, no! What will I read now?

You might remember that Baldwin was recently booted from an airplane for playing a popular Scrabble knockoff, ‘Words with Friends,’ on his iPhone—I liveblogged the incident—and this singular event has soured him to the entire human experience’s sum total. Did I mention he suspended his Twitter account? Alec! Play more ‘Angry Birds’ and you will love life again! I promise.

The real point is, my favorite Taiwanese news/animation studio has created a video detailing everything I just typed. Hooray! This means less reading for me! And you! Hooray! Hooray!

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