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The 2012 Pirelli Calendar Has Arrived!

photo of pirelli calendar pictures
And why, Sarah, should I even care about whatever that is, let alone know what it is? Well, lucky for you, you landed on the right page today. The 2012 Pirelli Calendar features models. Topless ones. Bare-breasted women who may, or may not, depending on your personal tastes, completely wow you with their nude forms.

[Shoos with hands] Now go. Look at the pretty photos of the pretty ladies (which are obviously all very, very NSFW), and then come on back and vote for your favorite set.

Jump in!

Who’s got the best rack?


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  • I don’t know…the Pirelli calendar is like the venue of venues for really talented photographers to do their best and most imaginative work. At least, that’s how it started out. It cost about $250 per calendar and they only print about 125 of them. These shots aren’t anywhere as great as some I’ve seen in the past.