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Debbie Harry Has Been Rocking a Ton of Wigs Lately

Photo: Debbie Harry: with a wig, and without!

So I was very quickly skimming this Daily Mail article about how Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage is already dunzo, and that is how I scrolled right down to a hot photo of Debbie Harry. You know, the frontwoman of Blondie? (Ugh, kids these days.)

And I wondered what exactly Deborah Harry had changed about her appearance—I mean, the woman has never looked bad, per se, but here she looked really good—and it slowly dawned on me that I was actually admiring the cut on her asymmetrical, albinism-white wig. Like, this is totally a Lady Gaga wig.

And 66-year-old (!!) Harry is not afraid to change it up: in the last month or so, she has worn her locks, real and faux, tens of ways. And! Sometimes when her real hair isn’t working out, she’s just like, “Screw it,” and she puts on a hoodie or a hat.

I have assembled a gallery of Debbie Harry’s myriad looks from the last year (below) so that we might all marvel at this Rock Icon’s ferocity.

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  • Debbie Harry is a bloody icon. Saw her a few years ago, so much energy. She is such an icon for women everywhere.

  • ….ERE… Debbie Harry was wearing blond blunt straight fringes and asymmetrical wigs way before Gaga was born. I mean in 1981 she was the first person to wear brightly colored wig (electric blue, ultra red etc). Many years later it all caught on with Cher and then the public which people sighted Cher for. Debbie was way ahead of the curve on all aspects of fashion. She knew what was coming at a time before most. You still see her influence on every street corner to this day, specially all over Europe they really got her before most and have never let Debbie go, she is adored over here. Top Shop did a range of Debbie Harry inspired clothes which Kate Moss models as she is a fan not long ago. Fern Cotton (fan) TV presenter has just modelled a range inspired by Debbie which is in stores here for Christmas. The woman is a Icon a true originator of style. People in America seem to shun what Debbie really achieved or forget her style or haven’t ever bothered to look “well” Except for Europe we love you Debbie forever. A true style Icon

  • ..and don’t forget she is 66+yrs old and been touring all over the world to sold out concerts this year. I seen then in the summer this year in the UK she sounded and looked totally amazing. If you get the chance go see her and her band Blondie you certainly wont be disappointed. Lots of stars turn up for Blondie shows too.