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Rupert Grint is an Artiste

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And I say “artiste” instead of plain old “artist” because “artiste” sounds way more important and fancy, and what better words are there to suit someone who’s well-known for wearing dress robes that look like this:

photo of ron weasley dress robes rupert grint pictures photos
Am I right? Damn right I am.

But anyway, the *real* reason we’re talking about Rupert today is that he painted an elephant for the Asian Elephant Foundation. Yup. According to MuggleNet (which of course is high-up on my RSS feed):

Along with several other celebrities, Rupert has painted an elephant … to support the Asian Elephant Foundation and the proceeds will go to the said foundation as well as the Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The funds will pay for elephant hospitals and land for elephants to roam the wild.

The elephant Rupert painted will be displayed in Singapore for the Elephant Parade, the largest open-air art exhibition dedicated solely to saving the Asian Elephant.

This is Rupert‘s latest work of art:

photo of rupert grint's elephant foundation art painting pic
And it’s completely awesome. Isn’t he just the best?