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Demi Lovato Recycles

photo of demi lovato and wilmer valderrama pictures kissing couple back together photo
Ew, seriously? How does this guy get any girlfriends that aren’t Lindsay Lohan? Yes, and no, I’m not going to let him live that one down. Whatever, what do they say, second time’s the charm? And if that’s so, what’s third time, then? Super-duper amazing meant-to-be-ness with douchey-looking guys that are most known for playing a dude called “Fez”?

Check out the photos in the gallery which depict Fez being all creepy and what not eyeing the cameras while sucking the face off of his “girlfriend.” This is gonna end well.

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  • what the fuck is demi lovato doing.. she might be trying to project her image like she’s getting over a tough time in her life, but girl..
    if you’re 19 and you’re dating a 30 year-old, you ain’t over anything.

  • Christ, she could have at least picked a less douchebag and creepy-looking 30 year-old. It’s amazing though how much of an ass he looks like when in reality he doesn’t have any balls at all. The one episode I ever watched of Punk’d was him standing there looking like he was going to cry while some guy beat the crap out of (what he thought was) his SUV.

    • what like say Ryan Philipy was she with him a short while ago and he is something like 36 yrs old. This chick has definate daddy issues.Sorry about “philipy” if thats not the right spelling.

  • I guess Kelso finally realized Fes was right 20 is way better that 50 when you’re hooking up with the ladies