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Can We Talk About Gerard Butler?

A photo of Gerard Butler

Because I don’t get it at all. I know that he’s supposed to be just the absolute hottest, but … really? Yeah, he kicks game all over the place, and he’s been with a number of gorgeous ladies, and sure, I could sort of maybe see what people might see in him during P.S. I Love You, but overall, no, no I do not think that Gerard Butler is attractive.

To appease your lustful needs, or to give you a good giggle, I’ve included a gallery of Gerard on the set of a movie called Of Men and Mavericks. After you check those out, you need to help a sister out, ok?


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  • What I find hard to believe is those that don’t get it. He just has “it”. Watch some of his talk show videos….the man just can’t help it but he has something special…. inside and out…..He is a very charming and sexual man.

    • Agreed. He’s not the most handsome man with the best body, but he’s definitely attractive, and he just *oozes* sex.

  • i see a cokey who looooves hookers. his swagger’s derived straight from the white stuff JUST SAYIN’ HORNY LADIES.

  • He is totally hot! Admittedly, I don’t like how thin he is for this role, I prefer him a bit beefier, but he is super hot. He has an accent, he can sing, and hello, he’s hot! LOL

  • There’s no such thing as the perfect man, but Mr. Butler comes veeeery close. Tall, dark, handsome, ruggedly masculine yet sensitive and compassionate. Charismatic, charming and highly intelligent. Down to earth, witty, friendly and approachable, fallible just like the rest of us…hmm. I know I MUST have missed a thing or two…

  • I live in Santa Cruz and i don’t think he is very hot. In Of Men and Mavericks he is playing the mentor of my friend who died and i just hope this movie does him justice…..that is very unlikely.

  • My Gosh,how can you not find this man attractive.His body is beautiful and that beautiful face of his.Just astonishing.His beautiful thick wavy hair ,beautiful hairline. His beautiful green eyes,I can’t even percieve of anyone not finding him just beautiful.Personally I think he is the most handsomest actor I have ever seen,bar none.

  • I toooootally agree with you! I’ve been saying forever, to blank stares and shocked reactions, that I don’t think this guy is hot at all.

    Tall? Yup. Dark? Sure. Handsome? Completely relative. And to me, nope.