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Can We All Be in Love With Melissa McCarthy Now?

A photo of Melissa McCarthy

For real, can we? I’ve watched Bridesmaids twice this week, I’ve been praying real hard about getting into Mike and Molly, and Melissa is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. All of those things combined mean that now is the perfect time to convince you all how awesome this lady is:

On her Emmy win: “I remember my knees went first, and I thought, ‘Oh God, please don’t fall down,’ ” she says of her thought process in that moment. “Just keep it upright. You’re in a dress. Your mom and dad are watching.”

On being invited to host SNL: “I went into such an embarrassing, weird, inappropriately loud cry,” says McCarthy of her response, laughing about a story she shares often. “Annie [Mumolo, Bridesmaids writer] was running in circles. She thinks something horrible is happening because I’m bent over, literally, in the rug section of Living Spaces wailing.”

On appearances: “The stupid stuff like what I wear or how I look I can’t control, so I just try not to give too much energy to it,” she continues, noting later that after having her second child, her body is a work in progress. “At 20, I would have been like: ‘Don’t they like me? Was it my hair?’ At 41, I think the things that define me, I hope, are a lot more than those kinds of petty things.”

Was that charming or was it charming (here’s a hint, you guys: it was charming)? Are you in love yet? Are you at least going to watch SNL tonight?

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