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Meet David Arquette’s New Girlfriend!

Photo: Christina McLarty, David Arquette's newish girlfriend, back in June

Well, all’s well that ends well, I guess. David Arquette and estranged wife Courteney Cox are still friends; in the meantime, Arquette is reportedly smitten with his new girlfriend, Christina McLarty.

But WHO IS CHRISTINA MCLARTY?!?! you might be wondering. I’m glad you asked. She is a reporter for Entertainment Tonight, and she is also the ex of “Girls Gone Wild” impresario Joe Francis. Harrowingly, the couple dated for four years; last November, they wed in a lavish “civil union” ceremony. (The best man? Quincy Jones.) McLarty’s partnership lasted a matter of weeks and, just like some short-term tenant, she’d packed her bags and moved out by December 1st. Jeesh.

But McLarty’s previous romantic entanglements are neither here nor there. In the end, I’m really only rooting for David Arquette, “the nicest person Dancing with the Stars has ever cast.” Keep a cool head, Arquette.