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Ashton ‘Unfollowed’ Demi on Twitter

Photo: Demi Moore visits 'Good Morning America' on September 26

Holy hell. I know Sarah reported on Ashton and Demi’s imminent divorce yesterday afternoon, but here comes the freshest, stupidest update: ASHTON IS NO LONGER FOLLOWING DEMI ON TWITTER, RadarOnline can “exclusively report” (by just looking at his Twitter profile).

Moreover, Demi Moore only recently re-followed Ashton Kutcher’s account—which tells us that, at some point, SHE UNFOLLOWED HIM, TOO.

In this modern, dynamic culture, Twitter unfollows and Facebook defriendings are part-and-parcel of an all-new topography of individuation, where every human relationship is treated as a dinky social event. That is to say: contemporary information technology facilitates fresh new ways for 47-year-old women to behave like 13-year-old girls. Madonna.

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