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Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Is Really Into the Black Eyed Peas, I Guess

Photo of Jeff Tweedy, performing in Washington on May 30

Actually, the headline is really misleading. Sorry.

Author and journalist Dan Sinker—who notably portrayed Chicago’s own @MayorEmanuel on Twitter in his spare time—once tweeted that Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy ought to perform nothing but Black Eyed Peas covers at Rahm Emanuel’s next fundraiser. (It was a joke! The whole “Mayor Emanuel” thing was a joke!)

So Sinker’s new book, The F—king Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel, just had a release party, and Jeff Tweedy attended. (So did the real Mayor Emanuel! Wow!) As per Sinker’s request, Tweedy was ready with an entire set of Black Eyed Peas songs. Well, OK, three songs.

Jeff Tweedy began with a stirring, acoustic rendition of “I Gotta Feeling,” followed it with “Rock That Body,” and concluded with a spoken-word recitation of the lyrics to “My Humps.”

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