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Whoa. So this is what being Tara Reid‘s husband entails. [The Superficial]

Emma Watson looks hot in leather. [Lainey Gossip]

Guess who didn’t wear panties on their wedding day! [Bossip]

Nice outfit, Richard Simmons. NICE OUTFIT. [Starpulse]

Michael Bay‘s girlfriend’s got quite the ass on her. [TMZ]

Yes, friends, Diddy‘s an alcoholic. [The Blemish]

Kate Bosworth talks sex with Alexander Skarsgard. [theBERRY]

An even BIGGER star joins the cast of The Great Gatsby. [Huff Po]

The best SNL sketches of the last three years. [Pajiba]

What pregnant celebrity couple is hoping for a boy? [Socialite Life]

Ew, gross, David Arquette. [INFDaily]

Coke-bloat Lindsay says you’re way off on your judgments. [Cele|bitchy]

Kate Hudson‘s dad says she’s “just awful.” [Hollywood Dame]