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Eddie Murphy Might Be Hosting The Oscars

A photo of Eddie Murphy

I never got Eddie Murphy. Is that bad? I’ve seen a good few movies, I’ve even seen a good few bits from his comedy routines, but I’ve never been of the opinion that he’s a super funny guy. Also, I hear that he’s a pretty massive douchebag. So when I read the news that Eddie is pretty tight with Brett Ratner, a producer of the Academy Awards, and that Brett would just love to have Eddie host next year’s Oscars, I was displeased.

It turns out that tomorrow, Brett and fellow producer Don Mischer are going to meet up with the president of the Academy to talk about it all, so we might know who the host will be relatively soon. Another possible host? Billy Crystal. Ugh, do you know what year it is, guys?

How would you feel if Eddie Murphy hosted next year’s Oscars?

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  • I would not watch it if he hosted,i used to be a fan,but the whole situation that developed with Mel carrying his baby and him bad mouthing her in public just because he got with another woman leaves a sour patch in my mind for him,i don`t like the dude anymore never will again.