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Who’s Excited for The New Season of House?

Yeah, not this girl.

I still haven’t watched any of the seventh season, which hurts my heart, it really does, but when House actually got with Cuddy, I immediately lost interest, and from everything I’ve heard and everything I’ve read, I saved myself from a major shit show. But alas, the magical allure of Hugh Laurie calls to me constantly, and it will only be a matter of time before I suck it up and make my way through the last season. Sadly, I don’t think it’ll happen in time to see House be awesome and make friends in jail.

I know I’ve asked before, but this just tears me up inside: can someone please give me a reason to watch the last season, or this upcoming season, or anything past that beautiful first episode of the sixth season? If you can’t, can we just look back fondly on the first few seasons and remember the glory of bygone times?