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Josh Groban Is Pretty Funny

A photo of Josh Groban in Vegas, August 20

Truthfully, I like Josh Groban. For a while I wasn’t too sure about him—I received a Groban Christmas CD one year, cementing my real and lasting fear of pop opera—but the kid is undeniably funny, funny, funny.

In the clip above, Groban visits Piers Morgan Tonight; there, Groban makes light of Morgan’s overwrought Twitter-tweets by singing them aloud. And seriously, he makes Piers Morgan sound like the lyric book from Les Mis! Ha ha ha!

This isn’t the first time Groban has been high-larious—the Hollywood Reporter cites his guest-star turns on Glee, Robot Chicken, and American Dad, too. But they left out my favorite Josh Groban cameo, from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (Yep, it’s pretty weird.)

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  • Check him out on British show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Once as a panelist and once as a guest host. I’ve loved him a little since then, despite never having heard any of his songs.

    • His Buzzcocks shows were brilliant, especially when he was hosting – singing with Michael Ball at the end, fantastic stuff. And his singing of the Kanye West tweets were hysterical. Sadly, nothing will make Piers Morgan’s existence ok with me, not even Josh Groban’s take on it.

  • This is belated, but per everyone’s suggestions, I watched both ‘Buzzcocks’ episodes the other day, and then straightaway rewatched them with my boyfriend. Amazing! Amazing.