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Can We Talk About How I’d Not Hesitate to Bang Paul Rudd if I Had the Chance?

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Because seriously, SERIOUSLY: I would. Ever since Clueless (which debuted in 1995Courtney Stodden was a year old), Paul Rudd has been one of the hottest things going for me. Remember him in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers? What’s that? You stopped watching the Halloween movies back in ’78? Well that’s just too bad for you. You’re missing out, you silly ass. He was so hot in that movie, too.

Anyway, Paul’s in a new movie called Our Idiot Brother, and did an interview with Redbook where he discussed being considered “hot,” his wife, and how overall-amazing he actually is.

He’s just the regular every man:

“Oh you just added another hour to this interview! When we were filming Knocked Up, we kept a running list of annoying things about me. We used some of it in the movie and it was great. It’s almost like therapy, because I’d hear my wife yell from the other room, “Here’s one you can tell Judd [Apatow]: Pick up your f—ing coffee cup!” The list kept going after the movie came out, by the way. But my next project is a spin-off of Knocked up, Focusing mostly on my character so hat material has really come in handy.

He’s a good, good husband:

“When I take the time to acknowledge who my wife is and what she does. Whether it’s saying, ‘Wow, you look really pretty” when she isn’t expecting it, or just, “My God, its so amazing what you do for our children.” I think she appreciates that stuff even more than the bigger gestures, like picking a really thought-out birthday gift or arranging a great party for her on the sly.

On being grouped with “hot” peers:

“The first thing it makes me think is that James Franco, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Jon Hamm weren’t available. And then once that goes away, what’s left is nothing but sheer appreciation.”

See? This is one of those times that, really, only a song will do my feelings any justice, so here goes:

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  • thats one freaky looking photo. is this the real person, or a doll, or a wax figure?

    if thats the real dude, woooah. giant head and hands and little body. face a bit orange. doesnt look real.

  • tell you what, paul, instead of acknowledging yr wife in ways she doesn’t expect (like surprise butt sex???), why don’t you try picking up yr fucking coffee cup?