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NBC’s Leaked ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Is Worse Than You Thought

Adrianne Palicki's widely-loathed Wonder Woman costumeDavid E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman never made it to NBC, and it sure isn’t because of that awful costume—it’s because the television pilot sucks on ice.

Leaked footage of the never-to-be superhero show depicts an earnest Adrianne Palicki, as the eponymous lead, gracelessly leaping and bounding with the help of wires. I really like it when she stiffly runs toward criminals in perfect imitation of the T-1000, or when she she stiffly sashays off in defeat. (Also, speaking of stiff: Wonder Woman’s immutable hair.)

And why is Wonder Woman killing people? Comic book traditionalists need to know! It just doesn’t seem canonical.

Maybe they really should hand the directorial reins to Joss Whedon, because this clip has a serious Xena: Warrior Princess vibe. Am I right, or am I right:

P.S. Plenty more where that came from.

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  • I’ve seen fan made pilots better ,who ever okayed this script was on drugs,she never smiles ,she kills like a psycho and the outfit look like it was made by a drunk god it sucked no wonder NBC turned it down, to get back some of the money spent make it into a DVD and put it in walmart 3 dollar bin.

  • she looks amazing, but the show should be darker and they should have switched to the new 52 look because that one looks like wonder woman would wear that in real life,. I do think that they went way too cartoonish and should have approached it like either smallville or make her powers less cinematic-ally dramatized, her super strength never came across like that in the comics. this video does look fan-made and it should have an Xena like feel because Wonder Woman is a Amazon! but my problem was her color scheme, she looked cheap and too dolled up. Diana looks like a chapstick and go kinda chick and they made her a model (I know Diana is suppose to be beautiful, but she her divine beauty doesn’t involve make-up). Adrienne Pacilicki was a great embodiment of Diana, this show though, not so much. (excuse the grammar, I type fast and don’t proofread :])

  • mmmm Not bad… if you ask me, yes the costume is new but so what? people have changed her costume like 5 times in the past. and i think it sort of makes sense why she looks so aggressive because everybody knows her secret identity so people have been bugging and bugging and cameras every where. i would crack and go rouge too. it is too much pressure being a full time celebrity so the third identity makes perfect sense