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Bridesmaids‘ Melissa McCarthy Does GQ

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This is, hands down, one of the funniest women going today. You mark my words, this lady’s going to go places and totally reinvent funny women in cinema.

McCarthy recently sat down and did a profile with GQ magazine, and her peers had a lot of flattering things to say about her, all of which sentiments I totally share:

Maya Rudolph: Honestly, I’ve always felt that Melissa is hands down one of the most incredible performers I’ve ever worked with. I’ve heard people over the years say, “I really like her on ‘Gilmore Girls.’ ” In the back of my mind, I was always saying, “Just you wait.” When we were making Bridesmaids, I secretly delighted in knowing that vintage McCarthy was about to be unleashed upon the world, and I was excited to tell the world, “Hold on to your ass.”

Word. Here’s the bit that actually made me laugh the frig out loud:

Paul Feig: In the bridal-salon scene, she hefts the couch: “Oh, that’s nice.” I remember just telling her to jump over it. She got stuck, but she just committed to the scene. [laughs] The scene [in which Megan, stricken with diarrhea, screams,] “Look away!” [from atop the bathroom sink] was in the script, but there was this whole thing she improvised where she’s suddenly screaming at the dress-shop owner, “Give me your fucking jacket!” She wanted to wipe her ass with the woman’s jacket.

Right, and the other bit that had me peeing, too:

Ben Falcone, “Air Marshal Jon”: Melissa will do anything to get a laugh. It’s pathological. Once [with the Groundlings] she had a sketch where this guy spurns her, and she gets so mad that she tries to pop these balloons she’s brought him. She couldn’t get one to pop, but she wasn’t going to lose. She finally head-butts the freaking thing, and it pops, and she smashes her face into the stage and breaks her nose. To this day she’s like, “Well, the audience liked it.”

So.  You guys onboard yet?

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