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Happy Harry Potter Day!

It’s time, you guys. In just a few short hours, I’ll be getting in my Hogwarts uniform and going down to the Mexican restaurant for pre-Hallows margaritas (how else are we supposed to handle all the pain of a double feature, ok?). And you know what? It’s a big deal.

We’ve been talking about our Harry Potter emotions pretty consistently for the past couple of weeks around here, but on this very special day, words are not enough. No, we have to turn to music:

Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t realize I was nerd enough for wizard rock? Guess again, fools!

Ok, that one was a little harsh. Let’s brighten it up a little with a happy song about my favorite character, Remus!

And that wasn’t entirely happy either. I know that, ok? I’m aware. So, in closing, I’m going to stop with any pretenses and share with you my very favorite wizard rock song, the one that can make me break down in the most emotional fangirl fit you’ve ever seen. It’s called “Open at the Close,” so, uh, that should give you a little bit of a hint:

Are you now a sobbing, messy puddle of grief and tragedy like me? Excellent! Now pull yourself together, go get in your costume, and have a glorious time! We’ll meet back tomorrow to talk about our feelings!

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