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It’s Lady Gaga Day! Like, It’s Literally Lady Gaga Day

A crowd gathers on July 3, 2011 in Taichung, Taiwan.

It’s Lady Gaga’s first time in Taiwan, where her fans are craaaayzeeee about her. Like, they might actually be crazy.

Here’s a Mandarin-language news report (with subtitles!) about Day One of her visit:

On the second day, Lady Gaga rested.

She finally left her hotel last night and spent an hour at Pure Yoga, as 500+ fans swarmed outside.

This morning Lady Gaga left Taipei for Taichung, where the mayor gave her a key to the city and declared Sunday Lady Gaga Day. One fan wore—no joke—an actual pig’s head to the key ceremony.

Another fan entered a “creative outfit” contest (and won!) wearing black feathers and a cage, both to symbolize discrimination against homosexuals and to celebrate the “Born This Way” anthem. The contest, like the Taichung event itself, was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, which explains the brand loyalty of Gaga’s enormous car detail. (It took 40 vehicles to escort one woman to her hotel? Interrobang.)

Lady Gaga will be in Taiwan five days in all. She’s there to promote the album Born This Way; its launch event is tonight.

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  • Yeaaaaah, I know cos I live in Taiwan. People here love their celeb I guess. Especially more so after she promised a concert next year.