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Love It or Leave It: Fergie’s Pants Take Her for a Walk

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Stacy Ferguson was photographed in LA this past week wearing some pretty questionable pants. I totally love how the guy on her right is looking at her like, “Girl, where you think YOU’RE going?” and how everyone’s trying not to point at her chicken neck. (That’s what happens after too many facial surgeries, you know.)

Most times when I post these Love It or Leave It things, I’m, like, laughing inside because the answer is ALWAYS, ALWAYS “leave it.” This time, however, I actually love these pants. Seriously. I know many of you probably think that I’m joking, but I’m being completely honest. What do you guys think?

Image via Celebuzz

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  • The pants are not that offensive, but the dye job and the weird-ass-crawling-up-the-scalp eyebrows are awful.
    Love those shoes.

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