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Zack Morris Got a Woody on His New Lawyer Show

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Bet that ALWAYS used to happen on Saved by the Bell.

The recently-divorced and probably horny as hell Mark-Paul Gosselaar gave an interview about his new show, Franklin and Bash, a lawyer-themed series which also stars (the much hotter) Breckin Meyer. During the interview, Gosselaar talks about how a “friend” joined a hot tub party during filming for an episode of the show:

Describing a hot tub scene in which he had just a bit of topstick covering his nether regions, Gosselaar said that the chlorine caused him more than a bit of trouble.

“So [during] take three, I stand up — and there [are] a hundred extras and the crew people [watching] – and, as [co-star] Breckin [Meyer] likes to say, it was ‘Screech, Slater and Mr. Belding,’” he said, insinuating quite clearly that three members of his anatomy made surprise appearances. “They came out to play on the third take.”

So um, OK. Am I the only one not really all that excited about Mark-Paul Gosselaar‘s, um, “wardrobe malfunction”? Am I also the only one who gets all hot and bothered thinking that it’d be much, much hotter if it were Breckin Meyer in the same position?

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