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Stills From LeAnn Rimes’ “Sex Tape”

photo of leann rimes sex tape pictures photos

I say “sex tape” because I’m not really sure that these two ever HAD sex. A lot of LeAnn supporters claimed that she was nothing more than a beard for her ex-husband, dancer Dean Sheremet, and that she’d longed for a real man (like Eddie Cibrian, I guess) which is why things unfolded the way they did.

Moving on.

Really, it doesn’t appear that there was any sex to be had on this tape, as the stills emailed to me today by a friend claim portray a goofy Dean Sheremet filming a goofy LeAnn Rimes clumsily trying to change her clothes, and that, my friends? Is probably the extent of any “sex” that may have happened on this tape.

Things to notice in the stills: LeAnn’s body looks MUCH MUCH better in these photos than it does today. This is living proof that the grass is not always greener. Also? I think she’s rocking her original teeth, too, not the Hollywood White veneers from Drive-Through Dental.

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  • What the fuck are you displaying this non-event for? Has this girl (your correspondent, rather than the stunningly mundane Ms Rimes – who would fail to stand out in this village of 400 occupants!) ever had any marbles to lose? From deepest Hicksville, UK, get a fucking life tha gormless twat.