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James Franco’s Comic Book Rejected on Twitter

A photo of James Franco

That James Franco has his thumbs in every pie! The aspiring musician, Oscar nominee, and soap star most recently wowed the art world (?) with his bizarre Gucci billboard campaign.

Now Canadian comic book publisher Drawn and Quarterly, which publishes highbrow stuff by artists like Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, and journalist Joe Sacco, tweets that they “just received a submission from James Franco.”

What the…! How the…! Is James Franco trying to get into the comic book scene, too? Really?

Drawn and Quarterly adds that, although they are longtime Franco fans, a James Franco comic might be better-suited to Brooklyn-based hipster publisher Picture Box:

Drawn and Quarterly rejects Franco's submission on Twitter

Um. Did Drawn and Quarterly really reject James Franco’s comic book via Twitter? Ouch.

Oh, Franco! You fly too close to the sun!