Today's Evil Beet Gossip

My Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Does All of His Own Stunts, You Guys

OK, there are two lies in that headline. 1) Garfboy doesn’t do all of his own stunts, just like, a lot of them, and 2) We’re actually married, I’ve just failed to inform him. Hope this shows up in his publicist’s GoogleAlerts. Just kidding, hope it doesn’t. Don’t need to die of embarrassment today, thanks.

ANYWAY! I’ve put together yet another gallery of behind-the-scenes Spiderman shoot pictures for y’all to check out because who can resist a midday A. Garfield break and it’s pretty exciting that a new Spiderman movie is coming out. Yeah, it’s no Batman, but the first three Spiderman movies were really good and I’ll watch just about anything that involves that adorable and charming Emma Stone.

If you need anything, I’ll be over here being your creepy neighborhood gossip blogger with ill-advised crushes. Thanks!