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Chace Crawford Has Taught Us All Why You Never Want to Get Caught With Weed in Texas

Chace Crawford was able to strike a deal in court today regarding the case against him that started after a Plano, Texas cop found him sitting in a car with a joint last summer. The Gossip Girl actor kinda got the book thrown at him considering all he in his possession was one measly doobie, which is a good or bad thing, depending on whether or not you think celebrities are never fairly judged in court or if the good green offends you.

The deal is this: If Chace does 24 hours of community service (something that someone at his level of fame should be doing anyway,) reports to a probation officer and stays out of trouble for the next year, the charges will be dropped. Doesn’t seem like all that bad of a punishment when you think about how shitty jail time and the legal system is… but all of that drama over a joint? Do they seriously have nothing better to do in Texas?

What do you think about this punishment? Does Chace deserve to be slapped on the wrist for his actions, or is this whole thing a great big waste of the Texas legal system’s time and resources? I’m in Los Angeles, and I’m pretty sure most cops out here would hop in your car and smoke the doobage with you if you were caught in the same situation, so I have a feeling my idea of drug crimes might be a little skewed.

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  • In the car is where he fucked up. I’ve been burning for more than 40 years (great stories about some of that Vietnamese green) and have never been touched by the officials. Why? Never used it in the car. Even getting laid in the car comes with a few question marks…especially, later. Besides, both are way more fun when your head is not up your ass.

  • Another example of a waste of our resources by cops with no common sense (or who have no leeway to make decisions anymore).

    When I was growing up in Illinois in the early 80’s, the cops found us with a bag of weed and a 12-pack. They made us dump the weed down a storm sewer and took our beer. Then they told us to go, sin no more and drove off. End of story.

  • I’m from texas and i don’t think its like that all over the state. You have to keep in mind that texas is mostly rural and a lot of dinky little towns are real anal about marijuana…i mean people have dry counties out here…by choice! Either way, I don’t think it’s because “Texas has nothing better to do”, i think its great that they took the time to make Mr. Crawford uphold the law…even if it was over a little joint. If he’s a pothead he should know when and where to spark it…obviously he didn’t give a crap, that’s why he got busted. But if you’re saying that the way Plano, TX reprimands potheads is in any way a representation of the way they are reprimanded all over the state, I dare you to come to any festival in Austin, TX and you’ll see that they really do have something else to do.

  • Texas-style justice for a joint! Oh, if only Blohan would have pulled her shenanigans in Texas….