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Fergie Has a Problem With the Airport Patdowns

photo of stacey fergie ferguson of the black eyed peas at the airport patdown LAX tsa pictures photos

And wouldn’t you, if you were Fergie? I mean jeez. Celebrities are celebrities for a reason, it’s not like they’re going to hijack and plane and ransom the passengers for things like a chin reduction or more Botox or something. Celebrities just don’t do those sorts of things; they should be held to different standards and rules, you know? I mean, could you imagine: Fergie the Terrorist? Laughable.  It could almost be an off-Broadway production. And anyway, you remember good old John Wilkes Booth – he was an actor, a celebrity of his day, and HE didn’t get the old patdown on his way into Ford’s Theater in DC of all places, did he?

What the hell, TSA?

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  • As annoying as it is, the guard has a point — she is a public figure, she is not going to blow herself up on a plane, is she? I assume they are just trying to save time, which is something we all like, especially at airports.

  • How come Fergie get awwy with a look see when last week we had a video the TSA molesting a six year old to get on a plane ?

  • Sometime people really don’t think before express they erroneous opinions! At first she cant be treated special not for status, color, hight or religion, we are all created equal so no special rights, if you like a celebrity so much to give alway your rights is just dumb, because they couldn’t care less of you.
    Screening at airports aren’t just for terrorist, but for everything illegal!! Like drugs and so on.
    No one is special, just in your head!!!

  • I’m sorry but you’re worng.

    Just because she’s a celeb, she should have different rules?? What?

    What about the same rights to everyone?
    I know what your point is but she’s not a hero or something, she’s not God! Any celeb isn’t God or someone that you wouldn’t think that can blow-up on a plane!
    She’s (or them – the celebs) a person like us!
    So, if she need to pass the security like other people do, she should pass trough it!

    (Sorry my English. I’m portuguese)

    • If you’re speaking with regard to my post, there was a definite element of sarcasm that you might have missed. :)