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I Told You Lindsay Was Still Conductor on the Sober Train

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It’s like that old saying, ‘I’m only a drug-addict when I sense meth in the city,’ or whatever: Lindsay Lohan claims that she’s still sober, and while ‘sober’ to most alcoholics would roughly translate to ‘no personal consumption of alcohol,’ it means ‘only consuming alcohol during hours and hours of dinner’ to Lindsay Lohan.

Eyewitnesses at a restaurant in New York City spotted Lindsay imbibing on wine this past weekend during a dinner with her family, so yup – Lindsay’s completely and totally sober.

Really, though, I guess it’s all about having a good support system, and of course, the general desire to stay sober, both of which Lindsay has had some pretty major failures with.

Hope you’ve packed your favorite jammies for that jailtime sleepover, girl!