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Love It or Leave It: Sideshow Bob Finally Made the Cover of Rolling Stone

photo of rihanna on rolling stone cover pictures

And damned if I’m wrong, but his torn short-shorts look absolutely Photoshopped on. Those shits don’t even LOOK REAL, but whatever. I can get past the overt absence of real fabric and the crazy hair (which, honestly, really has grown on me over the past few weeks) because Rihanna is just so damn fine.

See what you gave up, Chris Brown? Antoine Dodson said it best: ‘You are so dumb.’

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  • “Those shits don’t even LOOK REAL”
    I really hope that’s meant to say “shorts” or else Rolling Stone has drastically changed since the last time I read it…

  • rihanna is a hot mess. She tries to be edgy and fashiony with her fried hair and wacky style choices but they all are a huge fail.