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Did Tiger Woods’ New Girlfriend Use ‘The Secret’ to Lock Him Down?

We all know by now that Tiger Woods is dating an absolutely lovely young woman named Alyse Lahti Johnson, but did you know that she’s been drawing pictures of him since she was a little girl? Like, putting out into the universe that she’s a fan? Dude, that sounds like she accidentally used The Secret to make this relationship happen to me…

From Us Weekly:

In fact, a friend of the grad student tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now), that Johnson, whose stepfather lives next door to Woods in Windermere, Florida and serves as an executive at his sports management company, used to “draw good luck pictures for Tiger before his tournaments” when she was a child.

“They had photos in their house of their family with Tiger,” says the pal. “But Alyse never said she was interested in him!”

OK, it’s kinda gross to think that Tiger is dating someone who was once young enough to think that taking a crayon to a sheet of construction paper would bring him good luck, but it’s even grosser to think that she may have brought this relationship upon herself by putting it out into the universe she was interested for more than half of her life.

I’m a big believer in ideas becoming reality after you’ve put them out there enough, so to me this reads like something that Alyse has been hoping for her entire life, but who knows? Either way, who would get with a 2011 Tiger Woods? Protect yourself, Alyse. This dude is a scumbag.

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  • Everyone drew with crayons on construction paper..he’s not gross for dating someone who once did. He is gross for dating someone he most likely saw grow up as a little girl..

    • I agree. Drawing with crayon on construction paper was practically all I ever did in pre-K. And every Mother’s Day until middle school, our class made our own cards using construction paper and crayons. Heck, my sorority used to make posters out of construction paper and markers whenever we ran out of money or didn’t feel like walking all the way to Kinkos. Bottom line is, it’s way creepy he’s dating a girl he, as a grown man, knew as a child.

  • her nose looks like its got a big buldge on the sides from the top, down.

    but she is still pretty. looks nothing like the hideous mugshot. i thought the woman in that shot was a grandma, like 50, until i saw the other shots