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Caption This

photo of the situation holding a baby pictures

Don’t forget, starting officially on April 1st, we’ll have weekly ‘Caption This’ contests that result in real, live prizes. Pull out your funniest and stick ‘em in the comments if you’re interested in some cool shit.

This past week’s winner on the Christina Aguilera photo:

Winner: Maxx
“C, I think you have a point. Sadly, she still looks like she has a family of worms living in the underside of her legs.”

1st Runner-Up: Anne
“Christina fought hard and won the role of playing Snookie in the new bio-epic of the cast of Jersey Shore.”

2nd Runner-Up: Alicia
“If I suck in reeeal hard, and push the rolls up to where boobs should be, and throw some stank on this look I’m givin’ … awww hell, Ke$ha took my girdle to the beach, yuins guys!”

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