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And Here We Have Photos Showing Taylor Momsen Looking Almost Normal

photo of taylor momsen pretty reckless show pictures hot

In case any of you forgot, I’m totally here to remind you: Taylor Momsen is Hardcore, and she’s also the Singer in a Band. She is THE Hardcore Singer in a Band, and she’s here to stay.

That, um, being said, Taylor and some of her fans (?) were photographed after a Pretty Reckless concert, and Taylor, dare I say it, looks almost sort of semi-normal. If you wipe off half of that horrible eyeliner (yet it’s not even REALLY eyeliner now, is it, it’s more like whatever the fuck Uncle Fester had going on makeup-wise underneath his eyes for The Addams Family movies), put her in some shorts that resemble shorts and not a thong, and hose her down with some disinfectant, tape her mouth closed … then hot damn. We might have ourselves a winner, ladies and gentlemen.

.. I said ‘might.’

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