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Gilbert Gottfried Makes Light of Japanese Earthquake on Twitter, Comes Off Like an Asshole

When a big news event goes down, it’s only a matter of time until comedians and plebs alike start cracking jokes, but I think pretty much everyone would agree that it’s far too soon to start making fun of the 8.9 earthquake that happened in Japan on Wednesday. Still, that didn’t stop comedian Gilbert Gottfried from making over twelve jokes about the catastrophe on his Twitter feed this weekend, not even a full week after it happened.

Don’t get me wrong: I love comedy as a means of catharsis, I think it’s one of the most important tools that we have as humans, but yo! They’re still finding dead bodies and attempting to rebuild over there. On top of that, the jokes aren’t remotely clever, original or interesting.

Do you find Gilbert Gottfried’s jokes about Japan to be offensive, or do you think that a little bit of brash humor is exactly what we need to get through this tragedy?

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  • He’s always been an asshole, this is just a reminder. What a fucking waste of air this prick is.

  • “What WE need to get through this tragedy?”

    I appreciate that this comment is well-intentioned but please edit this sentence. This is not YOUR tragedy to get through, it is that of the suffering people in Japan and their relatives. At the most you can empathise and help. It is well-meaning but hugely insensitive and patronising to claim it as your own.

    p.s. I apologise if any of your loved ones have been affected by the tragedy.

  • AFLAC fired his dumb ass for this. Those “jokes” were ugly and crude and I don’t think there ever will be a time in the future that anyone can use this monumental cataclysm as a subject of humor.

  • Chill out, Mr. Collins. I’m pretty sure Japan has more to worry about than a misleading comment. Molls meant no harm.

    I think these jokes are insensitive and cruel. What a pathetic little man!!

  • i think the jokes were very rude and distasteful i will not be supporting this moron or accept his apology
    shame on you think before you post

  • “Comes off” as an asshole? As if he’s not really an asshole, but just made himself seem like one?

    Really poor word choice.

  • I guess the world is too politically correct these days. Maybe a bit too soon after the disaster, but in a year or so, these will be seen as funny…although I thought they were kind of humorous now. Gottfried’s always been crude, rude and harsh. As has other comedians, difference is Gottfried only had the Aflac job while others are trying to remain employed.

    This is really no different than poking fun at Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson and many others. If you see this as wrong, then all other “poking fun” is wrong too. Let’s just be a Stepford society!

    All that being said. I feel for the Japanese and surrounding countries that may have been affected. It is indeed tragic but in tragedy we should see hope as well as a little humor.

    • Agreed JustAnOpinion007. These other PC morons all whine about being rude. Granted, the jokes weren’t funny, but do you really think the people of Japan care at all about Gilbert Gottfried and his inane comments on Twitter?
      AFLAC ought to be ashamed. The Supreme Court just agreed by an overwhelming majority that the Westboro religious idiots have the right to spew their filth at soldiers funerals, but everyone here has their panties in a twist over Gilbert?

  • Yeah but AFLAC insures like half of Japan so they had no choice. This is what he does though, if they didn’t know that before they signed they’re pretty stupid.