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Adam Lambert Performs His New Single on American Idol

So I STILL haven’t tuned into American Idol yet this season, despite a lot of your vehement urgings that it’s totally the best year yet, but my mom, who IS a huge Idol fan, and won’t even take my phone calls when the show is on, emailed this to me last night after I’d gone to bed.

And I’m soooo glad that she did. Adam Lambert, who I thought was a COMPLETE FUCKING TOOL during HIS stint on American Idol has grown on me so hard, and so completely, and his performance last night completely clinched it for me that he’s a total rock star in his own right, and will be around for a long time to come. You might not like his particular musical genre, and you might think his ‘I’m like dudes and I’m going to grind my crotch in this other hot dude’s face to fucking PROVE IT TO YOU’-type of sexuality is questionable, but you cannot deny that this guy has got a serious load of talent. I particularly like this song, as it sort of channels another man with a serious load of talent, lead singer of Live, Ed Kowalczyk.

I’m completely blown away.

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  • “grown on me so hard” and “this guy has got a serious load of talent”

    I like the word choice in this post. Makes me want to grind my crotch in a hot dude’s face.