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Justin Bieber Shells Out Even More Cash to Impress Selena Gomez

We already knew that Justin Bieber recently went into a LA mall and left with several large bags of Victoria’s Secret merchandise, but now an entire flower shop? Damn. Either Selena Gomez is holding out or she’s on some “Yeezy Taught Me” shit.

According to PopEater via TMZ, Justin called in such a large order into a florist that she had to use every last flower in her shop to fill it. Apparently Justin’s goal was to pack Selena’s LA home with flowers “just because.”

Aw, that’s actually pretty sweet.

And you know, I just gotta say it, I saw Never Say Never this weekend and it was innnncreeeeddibleee. I have a lazy eye and can’t even really do 3D, but I enjoyed the hell out of that movie and am now sold on Justin Bieber as a talented performer. Check that out if you’re a fan of success stories, music or even just documentaries. Totally entertaining.

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  • She’s not holding out, she did him. Guys give flowers for two reasons. Because they screwed up, or as a thank you.

  • Yea, its pretty and romantic for about a week. Then her house will be filled with wilting or dead flowers.

  • Like he couldn’t bang 10 million other girls if she was holding out.

    Did i say 10 million? I meant 100 million.