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Cheryl Burke Does Something Aside From Dancing With the Stars in a Bikini

pictures of cheryl burke ocean bikini photos

And thank God for small favors, right?

I, someone who is NOT a fan of Dancing With the Stars, and even moreso NOT a fan of DANCING WITH THE STARS, am happy to say that Cheryl Burke, a dancer ON Dancing With the Stars is as hot as I’d briefly assessed her to be that one, lonely night that I had no other choice to watch Dancing With the Stars in a cold country home in the boonies of Pennsylvania with my mother-in-law. Who, incidentally, loves the show.

Burke was photographed frolicking in the waves of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this past weekend (my single-most favorite beach vacation destination EVER – Excellence Punta Cana WHAT WHAT and GO, GO NOW) looking positively radiant. And if she wore this kind of garb instead of those glittery, lamé bodysuits with tulle and Swarovski crystals, I might tune in. Turn the volume down, make a moving, rectangular cutout that hovers directly over Cheryl so that the other idiotic contestants are shut out completely, and watch.

For, you know, at least a minute, anyway.

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