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The Octomom Was Probably Paid Big Bucks to do These Fetish Photos

photo of nadya suleman octomom fetish porn photos

Some are even saying that there’s a video involved, too, but fathoming the idea of Octomom live in black latex, brandishing a whip in live motion, is way too much for my yet-to-be-caffeinated brain to process this morning. It’s kind of like riding the carousel drunk at the boardwalk, and then getting off and eating chili dogs and paint thinner. Cannot. process.

If you were paying attention to yesterday’s link roundups, you’d have seen that Nadya Suleman, better known as the ‘Octomom,’ was ratted out by TMZ because she took the bait of monetary compensation and whipped a man-baby while dressed up as a dominatrix. Or mominatrix, if you’re into that sort of thing, which, apparently some are. There’s a market for everything, guys. I’ve been saying it for years.

Anyway, the photos totally grossed me out, and not even because the ‘baby’ she’s whipping has more stretch marks than Kate Gosselin used to, but because Octo’s kids are going to be so proud when then see these photos later in life. Alright. Even prouder, anyway.

But today’s million-dollar question – is the Octomom … hot?

Images courtesy of TMZ

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  • She’s a good looking woman. I mean, if we didn’t know who she was we wouldn’t give her a second thought beyond that she is pretty.

    However, that thing she’s whipping? Blechh and double blechh. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • There is nothing about these photos that is not absolutely revolting.

  • This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever been witness to. I now have to jam forks in my eyes in the hopes that I will be able to eliminate these photos from my memory. This should be categorized under something like “extremely disgusting, use caution.” This is much more of a horror post than gossip. Time for rum… lots of rum.

  • what the hell…her little girls sell GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, right??? Who knows about the boys…they have a such an amazing “father figure”.