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Let’s Talk About How Worthless Lea Michele Is

A photo of Lea Michele

Ok, “worthless” might be a little strong, but so is this deep sense of betrayal I have.  Because listen, I used to love Glee. I’d have little viewing parties throughout the first season, I got all the albums, I loved that cheesy musical nonsense.  But you guys, Lea Michele ruined everything with her awful attitude and her racy, attention whore photo shoots and her annoying acting. She ruined it, and I’m not going to forgive her anytime soon.

Anyway, all these feelings came right back up when I saw this little interview Lea did:

On Broadway’s upcoming revival of Funny Girl and how she hasn’t been approached to do it: “No — where are the calls? Where are these calls? I mean if you don’t know my obsession with Funny Girl … of course, Fanny Brice is me.  I feel very connected to that story.”

On being beautiful: “Working on Glee, playing Rachel Berry has made me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt in my whole life. I go on that red carpet because I now know that true beauty comes from inside. So as long as I’m happy, I put these clothes on. If they like them, they like them. If they don’t, what you going to do?”

On looking like a high schooler: “[I’m] looking younger. Don’t you guys think? I’m just looking younger as the days go by. For me, I’m fortunate that I feel like I look young. As long as the viewers are believing it, then I’ll take it.”

Lea might as well be saying “Yeah, I really enjoy slapping kittens on their little faces and then using their tails and their little baby paws to stir up the meth I cook in my bathtub,” because that’s what it feels like to me.  Maybe it’s her phrasing, maybe it’s because it’s early and I spent yesterday talking to useless robots at Dell and mourning Natalie Portman, but I am all kinds of over it.  What about you guys?

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  • I’m right there with ya. Girl is not likable, and cannot really act. She’s up for quite a surprise when she leaves Glee and finds out nobody wants to hire her bratty ass.

  • wow, what i think worthless is this article, out of propotions and vicious without reason. way to twist everything someone said to a mean thing.

  • i think the same way!! i loved glee’s first season. but i just hate her, she’s ugly and does these anoying faces when she sings and on top of that her diva-like personality pisses me off sooo much. she ruined glee for me too. omg and that nose!!!

  • Doesn’t she realize that like 99% of porn stars go by first and middle names? Because Lea Michele seems like the name of a girl who gets a money shot to the (ugly) face for $50 in the back of a van for some cheap ass porn company.

  • i think she is a great actress and singer, the problem of the second season is the plot.
    and i don’t understand all the hate going on, met her in LA (she was with chris colfer) and she was sweet and nice.

  • i don’t watch glee, but i don’t see anything wrong with her quotes. did you accidentally take a sip of sarah’s hater-ade at the office?

  • “….of course Fanny Brice is me.” Uh, no. Fanny Brice will ALWAYS be Streisand.

    I too used to enjoy Glee. I never loved the show, but I found it entertaining enough. But since I’ve been reading about Lea’s awful attitude (and it truly is awful) I’ve begun to hate the show. I adore Jane Lynch and I continued to watch Glee because I loved her character, but eventually Sue Sylvester wasn’t enough to keep me. I hope when the show is over, Lea will go back to Broadway. I think she’s great for the stage, but I don’t foresee a career in film.

  • Or… let’s talk about how worthless this article is. Lea is talented and gorgeous. She was amazing in Spring Awakening and she is amazing on Glee and she got where she is based on talent and a lot of hard work. That’s more than I could say for a LOT of celebs in HW these days.

  • It seems the green monstor is in full swing here.
    Lea has exceptional talent. Thats why they cast her!
    And whats wrong with emulating your idol?
    Do you hate Streisand too for having a magnificent proboscis?
    If lea had a small nose she would look like every other 20 something actress.
    She plays a spoiled child diva on the show and does it rather well!
    Enjoy the show for its entertainment value and remember, you are free to watch reruns of friends and see a Rachael with a perfect nose!

  • I think your just seeing what you want. There is nothing wrong with her interview that puts her in a bad light. The girl is human like the rest of the world, don’t blame her because she doesn’t live up to your ideology about her.