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Let’s Watch Hillary Clinton “Take A Bit of A Tumble!”

I don’t want to talk politics.  You can ramble on about it to your heart’s content in the comments or on Twitter or whatever, but that’s not what this is about.  This is about Hillary Clinton, a woman we all know and maybe love, tripping herself up and slamming her damn face on the ground. Because I don’t care who you are, if you’re a Democrat, a Republican, some weird kind of Libertarian, or from a different country altogether – we’ve all had a bit of a tumble before, too. And I want to celebrate that.

Me, I fall all the livelong day.  If I’m walking, I’m falling. Sometimes I get too daydreamy and miss patches of ice or rabbit holes, sometimes I start thinking too hard about the mechanics of walking and my legs go all “system error,” and sometimes I go to a dance class and practice my chasse step leap immediately after donating blood.  And you guys, Hillary Clinton does the same fucking thing. And that’s beautiful.

You guys fall too, right?  Let’s hush up all the claptrap about politics and world news and all and just focus on clumsy stories.  This is relationship building at its finest.

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