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Glee Does Funny or Die

Today, I woke up and my internet connection was slower than Lance Armstrong’s package in a two-testicled race because I live out in the beachside boonies where the best internet service providers go by the wicked generic name of ‘Mediacom.’ And because we got two inches of ice last night, coupled with the fact that MEDIACOM BLOWS GOATS (DO YOU HEAR THAT, MEDIACOM?), sitting here with my laptop waiting to establish a connection faster than 1MBps is like watching paint dry, just .. duller.

As for the video, I’m the first to say that I absolutely detest the show Glee, but I’m willing to admit that this total cornball move of a video totally made my morning – but only because it’s the first thing that’s run on my connection today that hasn’t incurred a debilitating interruption.

Leave your comedic quips in the comments, guys.

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  • I have never watched GLEE so I cannot say this with complete authority but I likewise detest GLEE. or at the very least, the idea of GLEE. the take-over of GLEE. so if this website got very many comments anymore i’d suppose that you’d have some angry comments from the GLEEKS as they call themselves, and so i suppose i just wanted to stand up for you. that is all

  • Hey, that song they used was either made by or covered onstage by RHCP as a flea and john solo bridge between songs. o.o