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John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan Might Be Hooking Up, If, You Know, You Care

photo of meg ryan plastic surgery pictures

Just days after John Mellencamp announced his divorce with his partner of twenty or so years, confirmations from mutual friends claim that Mellencamp and Meg Ryan are massively in love – so much in love that they’re already like the old married couple that Ryan may or may not have had a hand in breaking up.

I don’t know, really, if anyone under the age of 60 is really going to care about this union (no disrespect to our old heads), but I will say about this – Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp? Really? Meg Ryan? Good old sweetheart fucking-wrecked-her-face of the eighties? Ryan stopped being cool and cute when her head started resembling Melanie Griffiths’ greasy, massive, and pulsating lips. And that was even before she tried – however unsuccessfully – to be an A-lister-by-association again with her random banging of Russell Crowe.

If it’s love, it’s love, John. They say love is blind, and I’ve known it to be true in the past, but I didn’t know it was deaf and dumb to famesuckers, too.


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  • what about some of his closes freinds us girls never got a chance with him.we need some john to.he needs to get a poor girl not rich one.or stay awayfrom women.i have been a close freind a very long time of one can hold him long i know it was going to happen.thats just john.he told me before it happen.