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Soulja Boy Claims He Wrote Willow Smith’s Smash Hit

Soulja Boy Claims He Wrote 'Whip My Hair'

If you were one of the biggest jokes in your industry, would you wait months and months to share that you were responsible for one of the biggest pop hits of the year? That’s what Soulja Boy supposedly did.

While the “Pretty Boy Swag” singer’s own album “DeAndre’s Way” was considered to be a flop by most, Soulja is claiming on his Twitter that he was behind Willow Smith’s hit, “Whip My Hair”. If this is true, then SB definitely has a reason to harbor all that swag. The dude (who is not credited anywhere on Willow’s album) should have pulled in some serious cash for his lyrics.

I’m guessing that this is not true, just a joke that’s as awkward as the rest of his career. I’m guessing we’ll hear the truth from Willow’s camp sooner rather than later. If Soulja Boy’s not responsible for this song, I’m pretty sure no one who was actually involved would want him taking credit.

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