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Amber From Teen Mom is in Jail, You Guys

I’ve done my best to ignore both this show and this news story, but I can’t anymore. Yo, one of the moms from that show Teen Mom is in jail! … Yes, only one of them. Can you believe it?

Amber Portwood, who looks like an orange Pound Puppy, was jailed this morning after being charged with three class D felonies, two for domestic battery and one count of neglect of a dependent (that would be her baby). The charges sprung from an on-camera fight between Amber and her former fiance and baby daddy, Gary Shirley, who she claims to be getting along with these days.

Because of an Indiana law stating that anyone charged with domestic violence is required to spend at least 24 hours in jail regardless of whether or not bail has been posted, Amber is currently being held. Should everything go according to plan, Amber will be back out by later this evening.

As I said, I don’t know anything about this show, so I’m going to have to rely on you guys to guide me: Is Amber a misunderstood teen, in a crappy position, or is this chick just a total menace?

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  • Yeaaah, she’s pretty much a horrible person. Look at her face. She looks like an oopma loompa with homicidal tendancies. Those eyes is evil yo.

  • Menace, for sure. Gary’s kind of dumb but harmless, and she’s so manipulative. She also dated this dude who goes to jail on the weekends, and after like a week she moved him in with her and her daughter, and she wouldn’t let Gary meet him, even though he was a felon hanging out with his kid. Also, and this probably shouldn’t affect my opinion on her as much as it does, but she bitches and cries all the time, and she never ever wears waterproof mascara. It’s a travesty.

  • She’s 100 percent a menace. And if I recall, she takes medication for a anger related disorder, which she admits to not taking anymore.
    She’s really off the handle.

  • Good for the state of Indiana. A battering abuser belongs in jail – no matter the person’s gender. The baby is not going to stay little forever. One day this tightly wrapped young “woman” will surely lash out at the child. As for MTV – I’m offended that this is what they are offering up to the public as “entertainment.” This pathetic show costs nothing for them to produce. For God’s sake spend a dollar on a program and produce something worthwhile as opposed to this. How MTV can justify spending $0.25 a week filming nasty, deranged trailer trash beating the shit out of each other, and serving it up as “a fun night at home, in front of the TV,” is beyond my comprehension. Why does the public buy into this crap and actually watch???

  • She’s the worst mother on the show. Without question. I legitimately fear for her child.

    That Gary fellow is also a bit of an idiot, but he at least makes a solid attempt at being a decent father. She seems like she doesn’t care about her child one way or the other.

    While the show chronicles the other mother’s interactions with their children, Amber’s portion of the show mostly chronicles her fights with Gary. It’s a sad state of affairs in her household, certainly.

  • From what I have seen, this girl has alot of growing up to do. It looks like she comes from a broken home herself. Probably repeating what she saw as a child. She needs help!!! I sadest thing is I never see her get off that couch of hers except to hit Gary. She eats on the couch. Orders Gary around while laying on the couch. Changes the babies diaper on the couch. (really) I never see her play with her daughter. She is very lazy!! This physical abuse is only 1 of her problems she is going to regret. Her daughter is only young once and she will regret never having that special bond with her. But, Gary will have that with lea because he seem to care more about her well being.

    • Amber needs some serious counceling. She is not a good role model 4 her child. It is very stressful 2 care for youngchildren. She doesnt even practice safe sex 2 prevent this from happening again. She needs 2 learn how 2 deal with being a better mother 2 Leah and grow up before even thinking about any more children. Get it together Amber and leave the guys alone!!!

  • Amber is an awful preson. I seen the shows where she is kicking gray in the back shes always yelling at him and he just takes it. Also in the case of leah if she cant deal with her she’ll put her in her crib just so she doesnt have to brother with her. She is the most horribale preson i have seen. I think shes abusied little leah if shes willing to do all that to gray. So she needs a new life and to understand what she has done is worng.

  • I’m watching the episode where she throws him out right now, and to be honest I think she is the only mother who really isn’t deserving of parenting, she is way too crazed and clearly needs to grow up and learn how to be a responsible, patient and caring parent…he’s really not my favourite person either but they both need a life long lesson..I say let his mama raise that poor child!

  • Amber needs major help. Gary is a smart guy, smarter than we think because he never hits her back, guess who ended up in JAIL, Amber did. So Gary hats off to you and take Leah get full custody and make a life of your own with your child.

  • Amber is a very bad mom but just b/c she comes from a broken home that is not why.I come from one as well but i have never treated my son or my husband that way so don’t blame it on that!the girl needs help b/c i sure the drugs don’t help matter.gary is a lil slow but a great father and what does he do that is so bad that she beats him like she is a man?but thats fine and well b/c he has the 1 thing she wants and can never have baby leah!!!!

  • Oh yeah and by the way Gary needs to man up the rest of the way take Leah far far away from her, lat her drown herself in her stupid self pitty and give that baby a real life. Has anybody notice that stupid lil smirk on that lil witches faces?? Yeah I bet she feels remorse, I know that kind of person they feel nothing. She’s a selfish, inconsiderate rotten child. Who should have to be nuetered so she doesn’t do anymore damage to this worl or hurt any other poor defenseless babies! Somebody take that skank of the show and put her in the nut ward and do a show on her from there. Now that would be entertainment!! LMAO histerically

  • *** Well now I guess its that time where I would like to say: HAPPY F*#%ING NEW YEAR!!! “2011” (I can’t help myself from being sick, silly and demented)***
    Jenna Kathleen
    December 29, 2010

  • she is insane, she is always bitching at gray and never makes good decisons. she cant keep a job. i just feel bad for the daughter!

  • What the hell is wrong with this nasty sick crazed bitch? Somebody ( I don’t know SOCIAL SERVICES) Needs to seriously take that baby away from both of these morons and give the child at least a fighting chance at life, and place her with a normal family! This pair is a sorry poor excuse of what two people are considered parents. This shit is just down right disgusting and pathetic and makes me want to vomitt, for god sakes. Any other time SS is dying to get in there and take kids from actual decent people and now we got these two jack asses up here on tv acting like derranged idiotic retarded deviated dip sticks. LMAO WTF???? I just don’t get it, what the hell is going on? Anybody out there have a clue??

    • Gary is a good dad and is deserving of little Leah. Amber may get angry at Gary but what the hell did he do 2 deserve 2 get beat on. If the shoe was on the other foot, Gary would have went 2 jail from the beggining. The world is glad 2 see Amber being held accountable. She is seriously bipolar. She needs 2 get herself 2gether befor she can care about anyone or anything else. Take some life lessons from Maci,Farrah,and,Caitlin.

  • It appears she suffers from a mental illness actually. She often doesn’t make much sense, and can’t control her anger. It seems like maybe psychotic depression, or Bipolar disorder maybe. I don’t know I’m no psychologist. But I myself and people in my family have a mental illness, and the way she is show’s a lot of being mentally unstable. She should be checked into the hospital for a psychological assessment, not jail, so she can get treatment and go back to being herself and a good mother. Jail is no place for the mentally ill.

  • I think gary in dum.And amber cares abt herself not baby leah .So amber should go to jail because she hits gary all the time for no reason why bitch .Amber makes me wont to vomitt .Now amber and gary need to get a life .And amber you need to a f##ing life because yours right now is going down the bitch hell. And amber you are a bitch ,ho ,drug dealer,and most of all you abuse gary WTF.And hopefully you read this when you get out of jail .So you can get a clue what people think of you bitch ,ho,ass holl,i hate u and one more thing grt a clue from all the other teen moms .bitch wtf

  • I think amber is retarded nd might be bipolar but it’s still no excuse to hit a guy. She knws what she was doing becuz she signd up for self defense class. But y???? When Gary doesn’t even hit her back wen she hits him. Nd whats more messed up she does it infront of their child nd still does it. Gary is so defenseless wen she calls him names nd hits him but she deserves a long jail time for that………. Nd amber does look lik the kind of person who would put her baby aside to get what she wants. Why would she let a guy change her baby wen she bearly knws him. Not a good mom to go drink wit him knowing she’s in sme shyt already. nd I bet they both do drugs together he looks like he does…..F*** Amber she doesn’t deserve Gary or Leah. B**** get help u need it nd stop saying u blackd out wen u would hit Gary becuz like I said u took self defense class for no reason. Gary didn’t hit u back not once but that one time was nice wen he push the door nd u wer behind it. It looks like it hurt u. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • I think Garry should just go ahead and beat her fucking ass! She wants to be such a bad ass and walk up to a man and punch gary like a man? She should be hit back like a man!! Plan and simple. I hope she sits in jail and rots, maybe she will learn something? Like how to I don’t know do something like??? Wash a dish, laundry maybe some butch will beat her ass and make her a lil bitch like she’s made gary. They are both ignorant people and deserve all the insults and bull shit that gets thrown at em. Life a bitch lil girl take it like a woman and fucking deal with it you ugly ass man looking skank. LOL

  • okay guys I’m tottally done with reading these comments about her..she’s not a terrible mom..she’s not great at it but she’s not terrible…she’s not a menance to society cause she has anger problems she doesn’t take them often because they probably make her depressed or you know how many people take medicine just for that alone so they can function..she’s probably going to therapy to help with all the problems & she don’t need people sitting here judgeing her because of her anger & what she’s done too gary in reality do you see how he treats her not much better ” keep swearing & I’m gonna take your kid away” when in reality he swears & goes out & parties around leah & isn’t around her… I’m not saying her hitting him is right at all cause its not but you know what if she’s bi-polar its an impulsive controll so don’t judge when you know nothing about the disease

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