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Keanu Reeves Goes Christmas Tree Shopping, Is Still So Sad

A photo of Keanu Reeves

Photos via JustJared

I don’t know about you guys, but I can watch Keanu Reeves do just about anything, so when I woke up this morning to find that the Christmas special of Saved by the Bell was on (the two-parter where Zack falls in love with the homeless girl who works at the mall, could you just die?!) and that there were a bunch of pictures of Keanu shopping for a tree on Christmas Eve, I thought it was Christmas all over again, natch.  I hope you find as much glee in these pictures as I do, whether it’s from Keanu’s lady friend‘s odd penchant for clapping, their tree on top of Keanu’s tiny little car, or the flip book that you plan on making from the pictures (other people are going to do that too, right?).

Anyway, how was your Christmas?  Did you have tons of fun? Any drug benders I need to know about?  Yeah, mine was all right.  I had fun while I was by myself, doing my hair and watching A Christmas Story for like six solid hours, but then I went to my grandma’s and was immediately attacked by everyone in my family under 35 because apparently on Thanksgiving I told them that I was going to wear a Jesus costume and bring birthday cake.  To tie this all together, at that moment, I felt just like Keanu, awash in a sea of evergreen and disappointment.