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Ready For One Of The Worst Celebrity Mugshots We’ve Ever Seen?

Do you recognize the lady in the photo? That’s Lisa Robin Kelly, the actress who played Eric’s big sister on the first five seasons of That 70s Show. Lisa hasn’t really been seen or heard from since leaving the show, but over the weekend she made quite the comeback… In mugshot form. The actress was arrested for driving under the influence and her mugshot is easily one of the worst we’ve ever seen. It’s on some Nick Nolte shit.

Click through to get a glimpse of the actress’ worst moment:

Oh, God bless her. That is just awful. Really awful. It looks like she’s been through hell.

Does anyone have any information on what Lisa’s been doing the last few years?

Check out the gallery for some more of our favorite celebrity mugshots.

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    • I think her face looks too smooth for meth, to be honest. She looks like she’s been through hell and back, for sure, but normally aren’t meth heads 100% more pock-y looking?

      • I agree, meth users have really bad skin, she looks more like it’s a thyroid problem which will also cause mood swings & violent behavior.

  • I’m with Molls on this – I thought meth heads had skin that looked like the surface of the moon. Maybe she’s strung out on something else. Barbituates? Opiates? Whatever it is, she looks like she’s aged about 25 years and got beat with a hose. She really does look desperate. You can’t help but feel bad for the woman.

  • Early meth abuse looks like this, after a few years they start to get really pock-y but scars don’t form overnight. I would definitely guess she’s been doing meth or crack. You don’t get that fucked up from your run of the mill shit.

  • I’d agree, looks like early meth use. The pocks show up over time. Meth can make you feel like you have bugs crawling under your skin, and you pick at it. Nasty.

  • didn’t she leave the show suddenly and get recast?? seems like she’s been doing drugs for a while, unfortunately…

  • I just don’t get it….who wakes up one day and feels their life is so shitty that the only thing that will make them feel better and get their life on track is a piping hot bowl of meth?