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Gwyneth Paltrow Makes A Tragic Country Star

I know you guys are just super, super pumped for Country Strong, and since I love you, I decided to share this new clip from the movie.  In it, you can check out Gwyneth gyrate around like she knows what she’s doing, do the most halfhearted shimmy I’ve ever seen, and undoubtedly flash her vag to the entire audience, who are the real actors in this affair – it must be so tough to pretend to enjoy this performance.

I’ve been heavily involved in theatre for a good few years, and I was born and raised in The Birthplace of Country Music, so I feel pretty confident in my knowledge in both of these areas. And what Gwyneth is doing is not good.  I’ve seen Dolly Parton perform and I’ve seen a girl break a door frame with her ass while attempting to do a jazz square. Guess which one of those situations Gwyneth reminds me of more?

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  • WOW! That was beyond awful. I hope this movie is supposed to be a comedy joke? Even her fake country accent when she was talking to the audience was awful, not to mention that dress is not flattering, and you’re right I think everyone (including me) not only saw her vag but her uterus too. I expected better from Pepper Pots…

  • Why didn’t they invite Willow Smith to teach her how to whip her hair correctly? That was a sorry attempt. Just because she’s a superstar doesn’t mean someone can’t come up to her and say, “You need to do that better…it just doesn’t look good.”

  • LOL@whip her hair

    Very rare to like her movies so far none of them have impress me. This will probably be one of the worst. Wonder if she will be nominated for a Razzle Award.

  • I think she did a great job! I love the dress. Usually I find when people are this nasty its because they themselves cant do anything like this and word be scared to try or are fat and ugly. Maybe you should take the time to think about why you need to post something so mean.