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‘Glee’ Stops Production Because of Tonsillitis Scare

Although the hit show was filming it’s super important “post-Superbowl” episode, production came to a halt this week on the Glee set after several folks got sick with tonsillitis. I didn’t even know people got tonsillitis anymore. That sounds so old timey and obsolete to me, like small pox.

Production is set to start again on Monday and the time that they missed will be made up for in early January, but damn… Those kids need to be staying healthy. More vitamin C at craft services and less water bottle sharing, you guys.

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  • I had tonsillitis a couple of months ago. Best diet plan ever? Yes. Do you feel like you want to die? Yes.
    It’s very common in children, especially if they go to school and are in contact with other kids, but more unusual for adults. How I got it I don’t know, but I do remember hallucinating snakes going up the walls.
    All in all: get well soon Glee kids, I don’t want a whole album full of autotune!

  • Isn´t that the most common sickness during the winter?
    Here in Sweden it is anyway. Not a very big deal either.