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Jwoww’s Ex-Boyfriend is a Scumbag

I just told you the other day that Jwoww’s scuzzy ex-boyfriend is suing her for past due “management fees.” Now we’re learning that his claim that she never paid him was issued only after her lawyers sent him a letter demanding that he hand over nude photos of the reality star that were in his position.

Thomas Lippolis, the asshole in question, supposedly has some seriously compromising photos of Jwoww that could potentially ruin her existing contract with MTV. Basically, this girl is getting screwed over by a broke dude who wants a piece of her money and doesn’t mind threatening to sexually exploit her to do so.

I’m not gonna lie, I feel badly for little Jenni Farley. I really do. I think my first instinct is to be all like, “How can you be so freakin’ stupid, Jwoww?” like I did the other day, but I can’t really blame a person for accidentally falling in love with some monster and giving him a nudie pic. I think it was ridiculous for her to be so casual about who she had running her business for her, but no one signs up to be exploited.

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