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Love It or Leave It: Emma Stone’s New Hair

A photo of Emma Stone

It’s blonde.  It’s blonde, and it’s an abomination.  Remember her hair before, her gorgeous red hair?  Yeah, I do too, and that’s why I’m going to have to go into mourning now*. Thanks a ton, Emma.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things that make this tragic change a little more ok:  she’s apparently naturally blonde (because genetics can be wrong too), and the switch is for her role in Spider-Man.  She’s playing Gwen Stacy, you know, and if she’s going to go and get killed and fuck poor Peter Parker’s world all to hell, then she’s going to have to be blonde to do it.

What do you guys think?  Are you as hurt as I am?

*I have an unhealthy attraction to the gingers in the world. Seriously, from my very first boyfriend with the surprise foot fetish to that awkward guy I briefly made friends with at a party last weekend, it’s redheads as far as the eye can see for me.

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  • I too have an unhealthy attraction to gingers. I love them all. I want to horde them and create a huge ginger army. If someday I do not have my own little ginger babies I plan on dying their hair red.

  • i’ve got a thing for gingers too. from my first bf to my someday future husband prince harry.

    it doesn’t look bad, but she just looks better red. (funnily enough i’ve got brown hair but dye it red cause it looks better)

  • I too have a secret love for gingers. I dye my hair red too, and everyone I know believes it’s my natural color. Maybe we should start a support group…. Ginger Lover’s Anonymous….

  • She looks adorable as a redhead but I think this blond hair with bangs and awesome make-up looks amazing, too.

    She can do it all!

  • It doesn’t look bad on her, but her usual red is so phenomenal that this look is just kinda “Eh” for her. As a blonde who CAN’T go red, (no really. I’ve tried every shade. It’s always awful.) I am infinitely jealous of her ability to look fanfuckingtastic as an unnatural Ginger.

  • I love gingers too! And about Emma, I think she looked sooo much more unique as a ginger, but I guess if a role asks you to do it then there’s nothing much you can do.