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The 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Was Pretty Disappointing, You Guys

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Did any of you waste your time watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last night? I have friends that, like, make a specific and deliberate homage to their sofas and televisions during these magical times of year when the VS Angels do their little thing on the catwalk – they do it all up with fat-free air lattes and flavorless rice cakes, complete with guilt-free, genetically engineered seedless strawberries. It’s A Big Event for them. Me, I’m glad I didn’t buy into the hype, because I heard (and saw) that this year was especially disappointing and frankly, odd.

Katy Perry performed her latest single, ‘Firework,’ looking aptly like a firework, and as the VS models traipsed along the stage donning weird circus-like garb and lip-syncing the lyrics to Perry’s song, I felt kind of ashamed, like I was watching someone close to me have an embarrassing public nervous breakdown in a really inappropriate place like a confined area for public transportation, but doing nothing to quash it.

‘The sexiest night in telvision.’ Huh. More like, ‘The sexiest and most uncomfortable night in television,’ but not a good type of uncomfortable like the way climbing the rope in school used to be.

Think I’m joshing?  See for yourself.

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  • what are you talking about? they look fine. In fact more than fine, they look gorgeous and katy perry still can’t sing that well live in my opinion but she puts on a decent show and wasn’t bad by any stretch.

  • So yea, some of the outfits are a little cheesy, but overall it was a parade of beautiful women in pretty sweet costumes. And a pretty sexy one at that….I’m not buying the awkward thing that you’re hawking.

  • I have to agree with this Evil Beet guy. But it’s probably pretty hard to come up with new ways to showcase and sell what is basically overpriced underwear.

    The show was designed to “entertain” us and exploit our innate male weakness for skinny half-naked women. Then we go out and buy our healthy, full-bodied wives and girlfriends some of these things to try and squeeze into.

    Or, since women have all the jobs these days anyway, the fantasy they tried to create was that you can spend a bunch of money on stuff you’ll never wear and still have time to take the kids to the zoo or the circus or the baseball park.

  • your probably some fat ass dont hate!! These girls work SO hard to look beautiful..What do you do thats amazing? nothing..thats what i thought..

  • These girls don’t eat and work very hard not eating and making young girls think that’s how all women should look, Fucking anorexia! Stupid bitch!