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Is Kate Gosselin Broke?

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No, unfortunately not (yet), but I’ll bet you wish she was so she’d go away and be a bank teller or something, right?

Insiders close to Kate have confirmed to several media outlets that Kate has, and I quote, ‘gone through millions.’ As in earned the cash (though that’s truly, truly debatable), turned around, and pissed it away. Atta girl, way to set the example for those around you, you down-home gal. From Popeater:

“Kate lives like she is a movie star,” a friend tells me. “She flies first class and stays at the most expensive hotels and spends money on herself like it’s going out of fashion. Remember, this is a woman who once spent $7,000 on a haircut!

“Kate was hoping to get paid to endorse a bunch of products. She thought she would earn millions by advertising baby carriages, food and cloths, but no one wanted her. The poor thing even thought she would get a deal with Cover Girl after being on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ instead they went with Beyonce.”

And with eight mouths to feed — not to mention the new expense of having a home tutor for two of the kids — the bills keep piling up. “Kate is so worried about her finances that she’s even thinking about getting a real job,” an insider tells me.

Damn, guys. A real job. This could get real serious, real fast. I’d hate to see the mood she’d be in if she were forced to get a haircut at SuperCuts or Haircuttery or something. I don’t think this part of the planet could survive the fallout.

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  • i love when karma comes around and smacks somebody upside the head. but this is real life, and some dumb ass will probably do her a favor and keep her afloat. can i get uh “unfair!” from all my struggling peeps? i think she’s a RN. somehow i don’t see her going back to taking care of others and doing the 12 hour night shift on new years with grace and ease. ya know?

  • Perhaps she will have to put all of her little kids in public school, instead of paying the thousands of dollars she is now paying for their private school.

    Then what would happen to the kids?

    The taunting, bullying, hissing they would go through from the school kids who saw them sitting on potty chairs, taking baths, and sleeping in their own vomit would never end.

    Kids want parents who are neither seen nor heard, and these kids have had their parents fighting on television, and have had their mother screaming at them for all the world to see.

    These kids don’t have a prayer for a normal childhood, and their adult lives are being affected even now. Very, very sad.

  • Poor Kate and all of her “Imitation” does she not look plastic. Teeth, hair, nails, tan. eyebrows, and dont forget the boob job her kids paid for. HMM, wonder howthe bodyguard’s wife feels about him going on her “Vacations” with her??? No wedding ring, betcha there is something going on there!

  • I hate Kate Gosselin. She has been rewarded for being irresponsible and having all those kids. She is a talentless b*****.

  • back when kate looked like the pic was when people liked her. now she has let the money and fame go to her head. she will never get a “real job”. she is too far gone and no real person likes her